Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness: Benefitting Employees’ Physical, Financial, and Mental Health


At LaForce, we understand that wellness is much more than diet and exercise, which is why we invest in programs that support our employee’s wellbeing – from emotional, financial, physical, and social health, to giving back to the community, and everything in between. To support our employees, we have committees across the country that are dedicated to safety, wellness, volunteering, and fundraising.

Safe & Well Activities

Wellness looks different for everyone, which is why we help our employees set their own goals and focus on the parts of their wellbeing that are most important to them. Throughout the year, we hold various activities and events to help employees reach those goals. As motivation, employees earn wellness points by completing activities and engaging in Safe & Well events. The more points they rack up in a year, the better the reward! Engaging in specific activities can also help employees save money on their insurance premiums.

Each quarter, we offer six challenges that touch on all aspects of wellness employees can choose from such as eating more fruits and veggies, getting their steps in, stretching throughout the day, spending time in nature, and much more. Throughout the year, there is also a whole list of other activities employees can complete at their own pace, including meeting with a financial advisor, spending time with their family, getting regular physicals, reading a book, dental cleanings, and even making their bed – employees can truly choose their own wellness adventure!

Our offices also hold in-person wellness events to help motivate employees to reach their goals together. From relay races to cooking competitions, trivia contests, mini-golf, and blood drives, we know that getting healthier is always better together.


Community giving has always been one of LaForce’s top values, and we encourage our employees to give back through volunteering. To support this, each employee is given paid volunteer hours to use throughout the year. Volunteering is also a great way to improve social and emotional health, which is why using those volunteer hours can also earn employees points toward our Safe & Well program – it’s a win-win! We also hold various events throughout the year that allow employees to give back during the workday, like our recent Can-struction Challenge, annual Community Campaign, winter coat drives, and much more.

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