Man in paint suit and respirator in paint booth, spray painting hollow metal door and hollow metal window frames

Pre-Finishing Services

Our painters are highly trained individuals who are skilled and take great pride in their work. No product leaves the paint booth unless it can confidently adhere to the LaForce quality standards. 

What is Pre-Finishing? 

Pre-Finishing is when doors and frames are painted in a controlled environment prior to shipping to the jobsite.

Quality & Efficiency

The paint is high-quality and industrial-grade, preventing rust and corrosion over time, and the controlled environment results in less flaws.


The ability to customize allows customers to match their new doors and frames to the colors of other openings in their building. We can even provide two-tone hollow metal doors and frames – for example, differing interior and exterior colors.

About the Paint Booth

The LaForce paint booth is a dust-controlled environment, removing the risk of contaminating our finishing. We have a variety of paint colors to choose from, or we can custom match the colors to meet our customers’ needs. Have your doors and frames pre-finished before delivery to eliminate the hassle and expense of finishing on-site.