Electrified Hardware

Electrified Hardware

Electrified hardware installation

Electrified Locks, Exit Devices, Panic Hardware, Magnetic Locks and More

Electrified hardware uses power to control the locking and unlocking of a door – and has grown significantly in popularity over the years. This type of hardware can be found throughout entire buildings such as hospitals, schools, government buildings, offices, or in specific areas such as security control centers, stairwells doors, fire safety exits, and much more.

We offer a wide range of electrified hardware products, including:

  • Automatic Door Closers
  • Delayed Egress Locks
  • Electric Bolt Locks
  • Electric Deadbolts
  • Electrified Cylindrical Locks
  • Electrified Exit Devices
  • Electrified Mortise Locks
  • Electrified Strikes
  • Key and Exit Switches
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Motion Sensors and No Touch Switches
  • Panic Hardware Options
  • Push Plates, Actuators, and Touch Panels
  • Wireless Intelligent Locks

Benefits of Partnering with our Electronic Security Systems Team:

Electrified hardware can be beneficial for the security of a building, but we also know that it can be intimidating to understand. Our certified door hardware team will help plan, install, and support building owners, architects, and end-users to ensure all hardware is functioning correctly and up to code.

Additional services include:

  • Integrating electrified hardware with access control, intercom systems, and more.
  • Providing technical drawings such as point to point, elevation, and floor plans.
  • Evaluating and testing products in our lab and in the field.

To make the process even easier, our pre-install team can test and install all electrified hardware onto the doors to ensure it is working correctly before it ships to the jobsite.

For a full list of services and capabilities download our linecard

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