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Pre-Install & Install

Pre-Installed Hardware & Commercial Door and Frame Installation

Pre-Installation is the process in which hardware such as hinges, door closers, exit devices, locks, electrified hardware, and flat goods are installed onto the doors prior to shipping to the jobsite. This process can save time, money, help meet deadlines, and provide a hassle-free jobsite installation. 

Benefits of Pre-Installation:
  • Lowers costs and installation time at the jobsite
  • Allows doors to be delivered closer to the actual installation deadline, which reduces the potential for on-site damage
  • Allows LaForce to catch manufacturing or product defects and fix it prior to delivering materials
  • Contributes to lean construction practices
  • Hardware is applied by trained hardware installers in a controlled environment – no more on-site guesswork

Commercial Door and Frame Installation

Our installation specialists provide on-site service for contractors and building owners. They travel to jobsites and expertly handle materials in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Our team also undergoes consistent training to stay up-to-date on new techniques and technologies.