Division 10: Building Specialties

Building Specialties

blue bathroom partitions and lockers

Toilet Partitions, Lockers, Hand Sanitizer Dispensers, Fire Extinguishers & More

The LaForce product line extends beyond just the door opening. We also supply building specialties such as bathroom partitions, lockers, and fire extinguishers- all of these products fall under the category of “Division 10.” We employ a skilled team of experts who can identify the right products and brands to fit your needs. 

Building Specialties Products Provided by LaForce:

Access Panels
Accordian Doors
Bike Racks
Coat Racks
Coiling Doors
Cubicle Track
Cubicle Curtains
Dedication Plaques
Floor Mats
Entrance Grates
Expansion Joint Covers
Fire Cabinets
Fire Extinguishers

Flagpoles & Mailboxes
Folding Gates
Marker & Tack Boards
Projection Screens
Roof Access Doors
Floor Doors
Stair Nosings
Toilet Accessories

• Soap Dispensers
• Paper Dispensers
• Shower Accessories
• Grab Bars
• Hand Dryers
• Baby Changing Stations
• Medicine Cabinets

Toilet Partitions
• Toilet Partitions
• Multiple Material Types
• Shower & Dressing Compartments
• Urinal Screens
• Partition Hardware for all

TV Brackets
Visual Display Boards
Wall & Corner Guards
Wall Protection
Wire Partitions & Cages