Habitat for Humanity community partner of the year

Habitat for Humanity Community Partner of the Year

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This past January, LaForce was fortunate enough to be awarded with the Habitat for Humanity Community Partner of the Year for 2019! Community involvement is an essential part of our culture and is integral to developing community relationships throughout our various locations. At LaForce, we have had a dedicated Volunteer Program since 2013, where we serve those within our communities and help change lives by working with a variety of non-profit organizations to raise money and volunteer our time.

Awards like these remind us of how important our work truly is and how much of an impact our community outreach provides. At LaForce, we volunteer all around our communities, not just for Habitat for Humanity (however, we have volunteered for them a lot!). We volunteer at animal shelters, food banks, nature centers, schools, and much more! On top of this, we also host a Community Campaign every year where each of our offices help raise money for a local charity. On average, LaForce supports 78 different organizations every year. This directly impacts the local communities that LaForce is part of and we are proud to support each of these organizations.

Over the last five years, LaForce has donated over 800 hours of community service to Habitat for Humanity in order to make our community a better place. Through helping assist with builds, we are providing new opportunities for members in our communities as well as providing a new experience for team members here at LaForce! This is truly an honor and a privilege and we are excited to see what the future brings to our Volunteer Program.

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