Why LaForce

Why LaForce?

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In 1954, Joe LaForce never could have imagined what his small hardware store would turn into. In those 65+ years since, LaForce has grown into a leader in Division 8, 10, and 28 products and services. What is the secret to our success? For starters, a vibrant culture and an incredible team. When looking at why our employees stay, we decided to sit down and talk to some of our team members regarding why they’ve chosen to be a part of team LaForce!


You’re more than just a number here.” said one of our team members.

LaForce shows great care to its employees by making a point to have a positive workplace environment, where everyone feels supported and encouraged to contribute ideas. Two of the members of LaForce’s Human Resources team, Kendra Krejcarek and Mark Williams, spoke highly about the culture. Specifically, they both expressed the fact that the people at LaForce care about each other.

This was found to be a popular answer across the board. Kara Love, an Account Manager at our Columbus office, agreed with this, even stating that “Anytime I reach out to anyone for help or a question, they immediately stop what they’re doing to help me. It’s a very kind and helpful environment.” One of the main goals of our company is to keep our customers and employees happy in the work we do and provide.


LaForce is much more than a company, it’s a team that gives back to the local communities that have helped us thrive. This includes the annual company-wide Community Campaign where each office chooses a local non-profit to raise funds and awareness. It also includes individual service events put on by each of our offices. Anything from Habitat for Humanity to assisting veterans is helping us carry out our values that are near and dear to our hearts. This charitable spirit is a huge part of the culture and is what draws to a lot of our employees to join our team. This was true for Kendra, as it was part of what first attracted her to the company when she joined in 2018.

Each office has a volunteer committee that creates volunteer opportunities that employees are welcome to take part in. Clint Smith, the Shipping/Receiving Manager in the Green Bay office is part of this committee and loves helping develop and create volunteer opportunities for other co-workers in Green Bay. He enjoys developing personal relationships with community members through service and getting involved.

Safe & Well

LaForce cares about the wellness of its employees, which is why the Safe & Well initiative has been an ongoing and large part of our culture. The Safe & Well committee focuses on bringing wellness activities and events to our various offices. These events can include anything from educational Lunch n’ Learns that discuss topics such as healthy habits and financial tips, to fun games such as the Columbus office’s favorite activity of Pumpkin Bowling. All of this helps bring the office together while simultaneously inviting the team to learn more about their own wellness and how to continue to live a healthy lifestyle. Clint added that he enjoys being able to get his coworkers together for these various events. He believes it helps form a sense of community as a department!

This focus on wellness is just one of the many great reasons why working for LaForce is so great.

Additional Benefits

Even with all the fun LaForce is having, we also offer our employees a variety of benefits and perks that make working here even more fulfilling. Full-time employees are able to take advantage of various healthcare plans that are open for their families as well. The majority of our office employees are able to choose a schedule that works for them, whether it is 7:00-3:30, or 8:00-5:00. On top of this, LaForce also offers a 401(k) match program to its employees, allowing team members to invest in their futures and retirement. LaForce is firm believer in the idea of work hard, play hard which is why we also offer many corporate events and parties throughout the year to our employees. 

Words to Describe LaForce

What describes LaForce? To our employees, LaForce is:

Family. Fun. Community.

Stability. Reputation. Fun.

Family-oriented. Charitable. Wellness.

Loyalty. Drive. Camaraderie.

We are lucky to work in an environment that can be described by our people in a positive way! Are you interested in learning more about being part of our team?

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