Collage of wellness events at LaForce

Encouraging Employees to Live Safe and Well


LaForce is dedicated to making sure our employees and their families live their best, healthiest lives. Created 10+ years ago our Safe & Well program focuses on educating, encouraging and providing numerous resources for our team to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The program, exactly as the name says, focuses on wellness and safety aspects of life, both in and out of the workplace.

The Committee

The Safe & Well program is led by a committee of employees who plan and execute different events within the workplace. The committee meets every month to look at the best way to engage and educate employees. Events and resources are planned based off what employees are interested in, thanks to feedback from employee surveys and health risk assessments.

The committee also has a brainstorming session every year where they take time to think of new events or how to tweak popular events to keep it fresh and exciting. They work to find things that will appeal to employees of all ages and genders.


The Safe & Well team hosts various on-site events throughout the year. Some of the most popular events that focus on wellness includes: the “Maintain, No Gain” challenge with the goal to not gain weight during the holiday season, the Winter Office Olympics, financial wellness lunches, summer sports tournaments such as volleyball, wiffleball, kickball, and more. Some of the more popular safety events are lunchtime learnings, fire safety demonstrations, and team challenges.

LaForce also encourages employees to donate blood through on-site blood drives, and participate in company-sponsored walks/runs in the community. The Green Bay office also offers an on-site clinic and fitness center that is available for employees to use.


Over the 10+ years since its creation, the program has grown into a favorite for many LaForce employees. It offers resources for what our team wants to learn about and creates accountability for employees and committee members. An added benefit is there is almost always a different event every week that invites employees to get away from their daily activities, release a little stress, and have some fun.

The program also offers an incentive called Healthy, Wealthy, Wise, and Safe points. Employees can earn points throughout the year by attending/participating in different events. At the end of the year employee with enough points can receive a monetary reward for their participation.

Join the Team

The Safe & Well program is just one of the many benefits of being part of team LaForce. You can learn more about our additional perks on our website.

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