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Fire Door Inspections

Fire Door Inspections 

A commercial building owner or manager is responsible for maintaining a building that keeps occupants safe. To be proactive and stay on top of any issues, annual inspections are encouraged on fire doors, smoke doors, and/or egress. We can provide fire door inspection services for new construction and existing buildings. Our inspectors are knowledgeable, helpful, and FDAI and/or IQP certified. 

LaForce Certified Inspectors Will Help You:

  • Protect the people in your facility
  • Avoid potential liability issues
  • Ensure that openings are functioning as intended
  • Ensure that products for the openings have been installed properly
  • Find doors that have been altered, so they can be fixed
  • Convey to your AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) that you are code compliant 

LaForce inspectors evaluate each opening in your building. We examine the frame, hinges, bolts, locks, exit hardware, and any other items on each fire door to ensure proper functionality and compliance.

After the inspection is complete, we develop a customized report. We can also reinspect openings that were originally found to be non-compliant. LaForce inspectors can also work with maintenance personnel on proper procedures to keep the fire doors up to code.