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Commercial Door Hardware: Door Closers, Locks, Hinges, Hands-Free Hardware, and More

Look no further than LaForce for commercial door hardware that is code compliant, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. We also have access to a variety of touchless hardware products to help prevent the spread of germs. We supply hardware for both brand-new and existing openings and are able to supply door hardware that complements historic building remodels. In addition, we have extensive experience with all types of electrified hardware

Keying Services

When planning a key system, we consider the system functions and future needs of the building. When it comes to designing an effective system, LaForce has a four-step process to best maintain a building’s security while providing quality products and service.

  1. Design the System: We will design the system based on the needs of the facility to be secured, while also working off requests from the owner/manager.
  2. Initial Meeting: If needed, our team will meet and go over the best system to create a secure building with the facility owner/manager.
  3. Finalize the Plan: Once the customer chooses a key control policy, implementation plan, and record management system, LaForce will finalize the keying plan.
  4. Manage Key System for Future Needs: LaForce securely stores each facility’s key system and notes for future needs.

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