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Careers: Security Systems Project Manager

LaForce is always growing and adapting to improve our business. In February 2018, LaForce acquired Electronic Security Systems located in Warren, MI and grew our Security Integration team.

The key to our success and industry expertise is hiring motivated individuals to join our team; this includes our Security Integration (SI) Project Managers for our Electronic Security Systems powered by LaForce team. Our security experts design and install access control, video surveillance, electrified hardware and more to help secure facilities and keep occupants safe.  

The role of the Project Manager is rarely routine; each day is different from the last.

“Security integration isn’t a matter of adding another widget or two to an opening. There are many different kinds of readers, credentials, electronic locking hardware, and access control hardware and software out there, which we are certified to purchase, install, and support, not to mention video surveillance, intercom systems, and other requests we see from time to time.” Matt Zimmerman, a Project Manager who started at LaForce in 2012, said.

Not only does the day of a Project Manager differ from task to task, but these employees also work on a variety of projects, from churches to apartment buildings to schools and everywhere in between. A key element to being a Project Manager? Delivering high customer satisfaction.

Our Project Managers work with customers throughout the project, from start to finish. On-site walkthroughs are conducted, and quotes are given before the project begins. They make themselves available to the customers by email, phone, or in-person chats. We want to ensure that our customers never feel alone during the process.

Our Electronic Security Systems team works closely with our Building Product ConsultantsEngineers and Information Technology team. When they’re not coordinating with other areas of LaForce or working with customers, the Project Managers can be found working closely with our field technicians, assembling systems, wiring, and programming in the Security Lab.

The ability to be both organized and technical is just a small part of what is needed to be a Project Manager. These employees also must have the desire to dive into projects and make them their own while creating success for LaForce.

Most customers have a strong idea of how they want their product to turn out; the Project Manager assists to get the right security products to match their vision. The more time spent as a Project Manager, the easier it becomes to provide what the customers are looking for. Experience isn’t the only reason our Electronic Security Systems team is successful; our people do their homework. Before each project begins, employees do their research on their customers to better understand their business and facility needs.

When asked to sum up his job in one word, Zimmerman said, “Unique!” LaForce is proud to have employees who are motivated, hardworking and problem solvers.

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Being part of LaForce brings new opportunities and tasks every day. Our employees work and communicate together to bring customers vision to reality. If you are looking to join a team of problem-solving, industry experts, LaForce is the place for you. Learn more about working at LaForce and apply for any of our open positions by visiting our Careers page.

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