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Gym Pads: Before & After

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There is nothing better than having fun in a gym, whether you’re a kid in gym class or an adult playing a game of basketball. However, while having fun, it is important to remember safety is key, whether it be for ourselves or our kids. One of the best tools to guarantee a higher level of safety in a gym is gym pads, pieces of foam wrapped in vinyl, that are placed on walls to create a layer of protection. Gym pads prevent injury, protect walls, and can show off school spirit. Ensuring the gym pads are the correct size for the walls makes the difference between the pads being a protective barrier or just a wall decoration.

A project recently supplied by LaForce to link safety and fun together, was at St. Mary Catholic School in Woodstock, IL where LaForce supplied gym pads, creating a modern and safe area full of school spirit. St. Mary Catholic School updated their gym pads size and design. The gym went from having a small section of protection to a decked out wall of safety with the ‘Fighting Irish’ logo to show off some school pride.

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