Grignon Mansion in Kaukauna

Testimony from City of Kaukauna

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The Grignon Mansion, a historic asset to the city of Kaukauna, has recently been in the need of new locks to secure their facility. The city turned to LaForce, a leading expert in building security, to assist and provide the best locks for the facility. Allyson Watson, Principal Planner for the City of Kaukauna shared with us about her experience with LaForce Building Products Consultant, Kayle:

“I just wanted to share how impressed I was by the phenomenal customer service that Kayle demonstrated throughout our process. His communication was consistent (keeping me engaged throughout the process), his willingness to meet on site was flexible and he offered excellent insights into how to modify our locks to the convenience of us as owners and for the best security of the Mansion.” – Allyson, Principal Planner for the City of Kaukauna

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