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Tony Warren has a passion for helping people and an aptitude for technology. His role at LaForce – supervising Security Integration Technicians – allows him to help both customers and employees, plus stay on the cutting edge of the latest security innovations.

LaForce Security Integration (SI) Technicians are adaptable problem solvers that enjoy a constantly changing field. No two days are alike, and techs can expect daily opportunities to think on their feet and work with their hands. LaForce assists technicians with extensive training, job shadowing, and an in-office support team.

On a typical day, a technician heads directly to the jobsite. He/She will review job details with an SI Project Manager beforehand and look over any applicable drawings, diagrams, and pictures. Once prepared, the technician travels to the jobsite – alone or with a colleague – to tackle the installation project or service call. They could be working with anything SI-related, including building access control, audio/video intercom systems, camera systems, and more. Office personnel are available for questions or troubleshooting throughout the day. The technicians will also often spend time on-site explaining security components and training building owners or managers on their systems. After a job is completed, technicians wrap-up documentation and customer sign-offs.

Jeremy Van Sistine, one of LaForce’s in-the-field technicians, started nine years ago. Some of Jeremy’s projects last several weeks, while others can be quick service calls. He likes the fact that no two days are ever alike, and he feels a lot of ownership and independence in his job. Working in electronics offers a large range of variances and new applications, which is perfect for someone who likes new, challenging projects every day.

When LaForce hires a new SI Technician, we do not necessarily require previous experience. Tony says, “The best technicians are those with an aptitude for technology and a willingness to learn and adapt to change. We tailor our training for each technician, providing more or less hands-on help as needed and focus on the areas where they need the most improvement.”

Jeremy agrees that the best SI techs are those that are willing to learn and try. After training on the basics, he is confident that a good technician can solve any problem they could face in the field – and if they can’t, they have teammates to help.

Reflecting on his 10+ years at LaForce, Tony appreciates the opportunity to influence a rapidly growing industry. With technicians like Jeremy on his team, Tony knows that LaForce can handle any security project, large or small! LaForce’s Security Integration staff is a cohesive team that works together to solve customers’ security needs.

To respond to industry changes, this year we are expanding our entire Security Integration team. We are seeking qualified applicants for a variety of SI roles. Apply on our Careers page. Thank you for your readership!