Custom Doors and Frame Pre-Finishing

Pre-Finishing FAQ

As one of the largest distributors of commercial door opening products and services in the country, LaForce offers a variety of specialized solutions to help make your project easier. When you choose to have your doors pre-finished, our highly trained staff custom paints your doors in a controlled environment before delivery, expediting the construction process and ensuring a high-quality product. Learn more about pre-finishing by checking out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

Why should I use pre-finishing?

Pre-finishing is a great way to streamline your door experience. There is no need to purchase your doors and frames from one supplier and then outsource the painting from somebody else; we do it all and ship the finished products right to your job site!

Our trained paint staff meticulously preps and paints each door and frame by hand in our state-of-the-art paint booth using an automotive-grade spray. This gives the finished doors an attractive, durable, and high-quality finish with fewer flaws and a nicer appearance – no more paint roller or brush marks! Our painters even take the time to custom paint each screw that will be used on the opening. Because the doors are prepped, primed, and painted prior to shipping, there is no dry time; your doors come ready to hang and use the same day!

When is it best to use pre-finishing?

The short answer: always! Pre-finishing isn’t offered everywhere; it’s a specialized service that is usually only provided by door manufacturers when ordering in bulk. However, at LaForce, we offer pre-finishing for any size building, whether you need 1 door or 1,000 doors. We always recommend pre-finished doors and frames because they are the easiest option for the contractor or building manager, especially if you are already using our pre-install service.

With pre-installed doors, our experts install the hardware and glass onto a primed door before shipping. However, the doors still need to be painted which means the pre-installed hardware must be taped or removed (and then reinstalled) before a painter can finish the door. Pre-finished, pre-installed doors save you time, prevent you from having to coordinate multiple schedules, and provide less chance for incorrectly installed hardware or imperfect doors.

What are my options for customization?

Our specialized pre-finishing process makes sure that we perfectly color match your door and frame to whatever color you choose, from the perfect shade of white to traffic cone orange. We use a camera to get a near-perfect match, and if that isn’t close enough our experts will take the time to match it by hand.

Aside from custom colors, we can also customize how the door and frame are painted. Whether you want just the door painted, just the frame painted, the door and frame different colors, the inside of the door and frame a different color than the outside, or a stripe in the door, we can do it! Our pre-finishing service is truly customizable, and we can work with you to create the perfect door and frame for your facility. When shipping the doors, we also send you a container of extra paint so if needed, you can easily touch it up and keep it looking brand new.

How do I make sure the doors are not damaged before they can be hung?

Pre-finished doors are packaged with protective shipping materials and delivered “just in time”, meaning we deliver them when you need them to meet your schedule. This allows the doors to be hung when they are delivered, eliminating the need for storage and the opportunity for the doors to become damaged before installation. Pre-installed, pre-finished doors also help keep your business functioning with little disruption; there is no need to tape off a wet opening or hang a door without functioning hardware. With LaForce pre-finishing, the old door and frame are taken down and easily replaced with a finished, functioning door.

How much longer do pre-finished doors take?

When using pre-finished doors, minimal added lead time on the front end helps you save coordination time on the back end. You no longer need to schedule somebody to install the hardware and somebody else to paint the door or, worse yet, find the time to do it yourself and let it dry. You can easily secure your building right away by installing the pre-finished, pre-installed door in its shipped condition.

LaForce is your destination for commercial door openings, building specialties, security, and more! Contact us today to start ordering your pre-finished doors or find out how we can help you streamline your next project.

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