Pallets of doors that have hardware attached

Pre-Installed Hardware: Save Time, Save Money

Pre-Installation is the process of installing hardware on doors prior to the doors arriving at the jobsite. This is becoming increasingly popular because of the many benefits it offers the contractor. When hardware is applied at the job site, numerous problems may occur such as missing, misplaced or incorrect hardware; lack of secure storage or staging areas; product defects or damages; and personnel unfamiliar with technical hardware installation. Why not avoid these problems in the first place?

Here are the answers to a few of the more common questions we receive about the pre-installation process:

How does LaForce handle electrified hardware?

All connections are made and tested prior to shipping. LaForce also labels and connects the hardware.

Can doors be sorted or separated? 

LaForce will package the doors per floor or per project on each skid, making it easy for delivery and onsite installers. Each skid is tagged, and associated hardware (hinges, screws, strike plate, closer screws) is packaged with the skid.

How many doors can fit on a skid? 

LaForce’s trained experts package a maximum of eight to ten doors per skid. The door heights range from 48” to 56”. We limit the number of doors we stack for safety reasons and to eliminate damage to the doors. We use coated packaging foam between each door for extra protection.

How can LaForce pre-install save time?

Jobsite hassles such as incorrect hardware preps, hardware rooms, lost or misplaced hardware are reduced or eliminated.

How does this contribute to sustainability efforts? 

Pre-installed hardware reduces on-site packaging waste.