Stack of doors for pre-installation

Pre-Installed Hardware: How It Saves Time and Money

Did you know that according to contractors the top challenges and biggest frustrations in the construction industry are managing hardware on the jobsite and incomplete/partial deliveries? Did you also know that LaForce can solve these problems with our pre-instaled hardware service? Learn more about how pre-install can help alleviate headaches on the jobsite while saving you time and money.  

What is Pre-Install?

Pre-install is the process in which hardware, such as hinges, door closers, exit devices, locks, electrified hardware, and flat goods are installed onto the doors prior to shipping to the job site. At LaForce, our pre-installers test and install the hardware, including any electrified products, then package the doors with our spacers and corner guards to ensure safe delivery. Once at the jobsite the doors are ready for you to install.

What Problems Can Pre-Installed Hardware Help Solve?

Some of the biggest benefits of pre-installation is that it can save time and headaches on the jobsite. Jobsites can be chaotic with multiple trades rushing to complete the project on time. This can easily lead to mistakes and misplaced materials, especially with screws and small hardware pieces. Pre-installation will also eliminate the need for a hardware storage room on the jobsite, and the time it takes to find the specific hardware for each opening. Furthermore, since the doors are being delivered closer to the completion date, it reduces the risk of damage to the doors at the jobsite. Finally, pre-install contributes to lean construction practices; LaForce is able to recycle the packaging waste, spacer blocks, and pallets at our facility, which will reduce the amount of dumpsters needed at the jobsite.

Why Should I Use LaForce for Pre-Installation?

LaForce is a leader in the industry due to our commitment to our customers and dedication to quality. Before the doors arrive at the jobsite, they are fully inspected by our team of qualified pre-installers for any possible defects. If a defect is found, such as electrified hardware not working properly, we will find a solution before shipping to the jobsite to ensure your doors arrive, ready to be installed with zero defects.

LaForce’s team of pre-installers take pride and responsibility for each door they inspect and install hardware on. Our pre-installers each have years of field install experience and consistently undergo training to stay up-to-date on new products, techniques, and technologies.

Let’s Cut to the Chase – How is This Saving Time and Money?

With all services there is a labor cost, this is still true with pre-install, however, the cost and time may be significantly lower. For example, a cost analysis was conducted between pre-install and the traditional installation method for 90 doors to be installed with two carpenters. The traditional installation method in the study cost $33,615 for full installation (which included installing the hardware on-site) and took 405 hours. Compared to the total cost and time for pre-installation of hardware and installing the doors on the jobsite which was $25,411 and 157 hours. While this example does not fit every job, it does demonstrate how there can be a significant difference between traditional installation and pre-install. In addition to the cost savings, you can rest assured that the hardware LaForce installs meets the factory recommendations and are code-compliant.

We invite you to learn more about pre-install by viewing our pre-install video. Have a job coming up and want to utilize pre-installation? Fill out this easy-to-use contact form and one of our team members will contact you shortly.