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LaForce Opens in Houston

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LaForce is excited to announce that they have opened their doors in Houston, TX. Located at 10305 Round Up Lane, Houston, TX 77064, the office will offer services and products in commercial doors, frames, hardware, keying, electronic security systems, building specialties, architectural services, pre-installation, installation, and pre-finishing.

“The Houston office is a reflection of the success and commitment LaForce has to Texas and our corporate growth,” stated Brian Mannering, LaForce President, and CEO. “Our dedication to providing door and life safety solutions to our customers has built a strong foundation for us in the industry, which we are excited to continue in Houston.”

LaForce has experience in providing quality services and products to new and existing facilities, such as education, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, government buildings, and more. Since 1954, LaForce has been a solutions provider known for building strong relationships with customers and in the industry. Learn more about LaForce by visiting laforceinc.com or contacting the Houston office at 1-800-236-8858.

 About LaForce:

LaForce, Inc. is one of the largest distributors of door opening products, solutions, and services in the United States. We offer services in doors, frames, hardware, keying, building specialties, architectural services, fire door inspections, pre-install, install, and customized pre-finishing, along with our security division, known as Electronic Security Systems. Headquartered in Green Bay, WI since 1954, we now operate 14 locations throughout the country. For more information, please visit www.laforceinc.com.