Laforce Strength

Origins of Our Name: “LaForce” = “Strength”


 “LaForce” is a French word that means “Strength.” This definition is a fitting testimonial to our history of excellence and prosperity. Let’s hear from a number of LaForce leaders as they reflect on what “LaForce = Strength” means to them!

Legacy of Joe LaForce

As LaForce, Inc has expanded beyond its humble 1954 beginnings, many leaders credit the values of the late Joe LaForce as the bedrock of continued success.

“When I think of LaForce and strength I immediately think of our company’s founder, Joe LaForce. Joe was strong, rugged, compact, to the point, and very bright.” – Ken Metzler, Chairman

Glenn Obry, LaForce’s longest-tenured employee (45 years) reflects on Joe’s legacy:  He says that Joe always kept the big picture in mind but also paid attention to the small details. Glenn also sees how LaForce takes employees and their families into consideration when making decisions, which is another sign of strength and integrity. He also cited “stability” as a hallmark of LaForce’s strength.

Business Stability

LaForce has grown steadily in the course of the past 60 years, even through economic downturns. This can be attributed to smart business decisions and talented employees.

“To me, “strength” means an experienced, financially strong and trustworthy organization providing expertise and commercial door opening and security solutions that help make the buildings in our communities more safe and secure.” – John Knier, Vice President

Talent and Experience

“LaForce’s biggest strength is their people. We have extremely bright and talented people. Together we have the strength to grow, be innovative, and be leaders within the door and hardware industry, as well as in the communities which we serve.” – Jill Pruski, Controller and Treasurer

Without dedicated team members, LaForce would not be in the position it is today. Our President and CEO, Brian Mannering, identifies human capital as LaForce’s most valuable asset:

“LaForce possesses strength in people and the vast knowledge we have amongst them. That is a significant resource which we can draw on to provide solutions for our various customers. This “strength” is what matters most to them.” – Brian Mannering, President/CEO

Why does this particular strength matter? Committed workers and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand.

“LaForce is built on the strength of character held by the hard-working people who call it home. This strength is on display every day as people communicate frankly with customers about problems. LaForce is successful due to the strength of commitment its people have to doing the best job they can to solve customer’s needs.  When solving a customer’s problem, they don’t just take the easy road; they research multiple possibilities to come up with the best solution for the situation.” – Jeff McGlachlin, Vice President

Industry Leadership

“It’s nice to be part of a company that is a leader in the industry. LaForce is a force to be reckoned with. As part of one of the largest distributors in the country who is progressive with industry changes (most recently fire door inspectionspre-installation, and security integration), employees are constantly offered new opportunities for growth on both personal and professional levels. There seems to be an immediate respect from competitors and other industry professionals when they learn that you are part of the LaForce team.” – Kristi Dietz, Engineering Training Manager

Expansions into new products, services, and markets is a constant theme around the company. In the past 15 years, LaForce has added office locations and successfully forayed into many complementary lines of business.

“To me, LaForce means quality and integrity in its employees, and in the solutions we provide to our customers.” –John Gillis, Director of Aftermarket Sales & Security Integration

But a company is made up of more than just goods and services. At LaForce’s core is a set of ethics, beliefs, and business standards.

Consistency in Values

“”LaForce Strength” equals a commitment to our employees, customers, and this industry. Our company is strong because of our belief in this commitment.” – Patrick Connelly, Director of Contract Sales

“Strength in our industry, our culture and our employees and customer relationships.” – Tom Gaible, Cincinnati Office Manager

 The principles behinds LaForce’s mission are more than just words – they serve as our compass, and keep us aligned on a reliable path as we grow our business.