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About LaForce

How many doors have you walked through today? Or how many doors are in your school or workplace? Do you ever wonder where these doors and other products, like a frame, come from? That’s where LaForce comes in, we are a supplier for all items related to doors and frames, but that’s just the beginning. Check out some of our additional capabilities below.

What is LaForce?

LaForce is a construction and security company that supplies commercial door products and services. We opened our doors in 1954 and are headquartered in Green Bay, with additional offices across the country and over 600 employees.

What is the Average Size of a Project Financially?

At LaForce, we have projects that range as small as a few dollars to many millions. We have worked on buildings with thousands of doors and frames such as hospitals, sports stadiums, hotels or universities, but also have worked on small projects such as replacing a single door in a school.

What Are Some of Our Services and Products?

Doors: The purpose of a door is to protect and allow you to go in and out of a room or building. They provide safety for occupants, such as protecting you from a fire.  Interior doors, such as a door on a classroom, are one of the last things installed into a building after flooring, while exterior doors are one of the first products installed on a jobsite so that the facility can be secured.

Frames: Frames protect and hold the door in place. For every door you see, there is a frame installed. In homes, the frames are often made out of laminate or wood. In commercial buildings, the frames are made out of hollow metal stainless steel, or aluminum. Frames, both interior and exterior, are typically one of the first things installed into a building, as walls go up.

Hardware: Hardware can be items such as locks, door handles, hinges, etc. This is what connects the door to the frame, and allows you to enter and exit successfully using the handle. LaForce supplies hardware to both remodels and new buildings and can help coordinate the security features needed on the hardware. Hardware can be installed onto the doors at the jobsite or beforehand. We offer a convenient and money-saving service called pre-install, where we install the hardware onto the doors prior to shipping to the jobsite.

Building Specialties: Also called Division 10, building specialty products make up items beyond the door opening. Items like restroom stalls (partitions), lockers, hand dryers, fire extinguishers, projection screens, whiteboards, mailboxes, and more make up building specialty products. Installation depends on the product; typically Division 10 products are installed closer to the end of construction.

Security Systems: When it comes to protecting schools, hospitals, corporate offices, or other facilities, our team of security experts are highly trained and ready to help keep your facility and occupants safe. A few of our products are:

Access Control – These products help control who enters a building. Access control is when individuals use a key card, photo id or passcode to enter a facility. Most systems today can be controlled via the internet and a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. Many of them also have the ability to be controlled with an app on your mobile device, where you can view live card transactions, remotely open and close doors as well as monitor if a door is opened or closed. Some facilities will also give you the ability to view cameras over the internet as well. There are numerous types of systems; the system is selected depending on the needs and type of facility.

Alarm and Intercom Systems – An alarm system will alert you when someone comes into contact with a sensor in your facility. Intercom systems, common in educational buildings, allow you to control who comes and goes into a building or specific area. Most common are video or phone intercom systems where someone, such as a receptionist will press a button to grant you access to the door.

Video Surveillance – Monitoring live-action and being able to rewatch an incident is crucial in today’s age. One of our most popular security services, video surveillance systems, allows building managers and security personnel to do just that. We offer a wide range of video systems to fit the needs of your facility, budget or security level.

What Types of Careers Does LaForce Offer?

We have a wide variety of opportunities in Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Engineering, Installation, Sales, Manufacturing and more. Career experience ranges from no experience necessary to college graduates, while other careers call for more experience, such as three to five years of experience and education. We consistently update our career page and invite you to visit it, or you can sign up for career alerts to be emailed directly to you.

How Can I Learn More About LaForce?

Website: Our website is the perfect place to learn about LaForce. It tells you who we are and more about what we do, such as fire door inspectionspre-finishing, and architectural services. The blog is another great resource to learn about a few past projects, industry news, LaForce culture, and more!

Social Media: Connect with us! We are active on social media and update almost daily. You can connect with LaForce online and learn about some of the daily happenings at LaForce, open positions, new blogs, and more! Connect with LaForce on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube!

Ask Us: Do you have a question and can’t find the answer? Our easy-to-use contact form is the place for you. Fill out the form and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly.