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LaForce Career: Takeoff with our Estimating Team

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Take a moment to step into the shoes of a problem solver at LaForce. An employee who plays a key role in submitting bids for projects, confronts discrepancies, and communicates with others, both internally and externally. These are the qualities you can find on the Estimating team, a popular career at LaForce, Project Estimators are the front lines of a bid for a project at LaForce. They are responsible for deconstructing and reconstructing bids, analyzing blueprints, proposals and other documents that are related to the bid of a project. 

When it comes to being a Project Estimator and your previous experience, all we ask is that you come to work ready to learn. At LaForce, we take training seriously, and have an in-depth program to help all new employees learn the ropes. The Estimating Trainers will work with trainees to help make sense of bid specifications and blueprints.

The Project Estimator training is broken down into two parts. The first part normally lasts between three to six weeks. During part one of training the new employee will learn how to read specifications and blueprints, what to look for on these documents and how to navigate the computer programs they will be using. The trainee will go through numerous practice jobs, with each job introducing something they will need to know.

The second part of training lasts about three to five months and is when the new employee will start doing live work, consisting of about 100 live jobs. During this time, they will learn and practice the in’s and out’s of the job, how everything works together, and how to handle revisions. We have a team of designated trainers who work with the trainees every step of the way. Overall the training for Project Estimator takes about six months, depending on the trainee’s pace. 

“The training sets the groundwork for a long career at LaForce, the trainee gets exposure to many areas of the company and a broad base of knowledge,” said Josh Steinert, Estimating Trainer.

Detail-oriented, ability to solve problems, multi-tasking, and willingness to learn. If these are qualities that you would use to describe yourself, the Estimating team is the perfect place for you at LaForce. Whether you have years of experience or fresh out of school, we encourage you to learn more about the job and apply.

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