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Providing mail and package services for residents of your development is required and can be an opportunity to enhance your community much like other amenities! LaForce offers specialty mailboxes that can be unique and customizable to your complex.

What is a Cluster Mailbox?

A cluster box unit (CBU) is a centralized mailbox that is freestanding and pedestal-mounted for outdoor installation. With up to 16 locked compartments, up to 4 integrated parcel lockers and a secure outgoing mail slot, preconfigured CBU equipment is the perfect solution for your neighborhood. These USPS Approved units are installed individually or in large group installations. Add matching outdoor parcel lockers (OPL) to accommodate the increase in package delivery.

What is Centralized Mail Delivery?

Centralized mail delivery is the act of providing delivery and collection services at a common location in a multi-unit building or development. Both residential and commercial properties use centralized mail delivery. To ensure it provides the most efficient, effective mail service, the USPS will specify centralized mail delivery whenever possible because it is a cost-effective method of mail delivery. It also provides customers with security for their mail and packages.


Centralized delivery equipment offers a secure and convenient method for residents to access their mail and packages. When properly planned, centralized mail equipment becomes an integral part of a community’s design while also complying with important regulatory requirements. Your property’s value is improved when attractive amenities are added, resulting in highly satisfied residents.


Good design incorporates functional benefits while blending in with the community. Identify a well-lit, welcoming, and highly visible location to improve safety for residents and postal carriers, provide better accessibility and decrease the risk of theft or vandalism. Placing mailboxes near shared amenities such as the clubhouse, pool and recreation areas is a natural fit. Cluster box units are available in a variety of architectural color options; all in a durable, powder coat finish. Integrate the centralized mail location into the overall look and feel of your design for an unexpected wow factor, rather than tacking it on as an afterthought.

Florence Corporation

Florence Corporation offers an array of USPS Approved equipment options from vital™ Cluster Box Units to versatile™ 4C mailbox suites. With standard, pre-configured CBU models and a full suite of configurable options for STD-4C mailboxes, we help you to reflect the vision and creativity of the overall design in every aspect of your project — even the mailboxes.

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