options for hands free door openers and touchless door openers form LaForce

Keep Your Facility Safe with Hands Free Door Openers

Along with proper cleaning, one way to improve the cleanliness of your facility is to change out your hardware. Low-touch or hands free door openers limit the spread of germs and decrease the opportunity for exposure by reducing the number of surfaces people touch. Here at LaForce, we offer both mechanical and automated options no matter your budget or building needs. We outline some options below to help you decide which is best for you.

LaForce options for hands free door openers at any price range

Arm or Foot Pulls (lower price range )

A hands free door opener like an arm or foot pull is an easy and cost-effective way to make your facility cleaner. This type of hardware allows the user to open doors without grasping the hardware with their hands; instead, they use their arm or foot to open the door. These pulls are great for aluminum, metal, and wood doors without a latch and can even be placed on a door with an existing traditional pull to create options. Also, because they do not require electricity to operate, arm and foot pulls are very user friendly and integrate easily into your building.

Push/Pull Paddle (medium-low price range)

Paddles are a low-touch and low-tech option for virtually any latching door. They replace the typical hardware on both sides of the door with a paddle. On the push side of the door, the user pushes the paddle with their hip to unlatch and open the door. On the pull side, it operates as a typical arm pull. There are multiple mounting orientations for push/pull paddles which makes them a great customizable option. The preparation is standard for tubular and mortise locks.

Hold-Open Devices (medium price range)

Another low-tech option is a hold-open device. This type of hardware is used to keep doors open during busy times of the day and allow for free movement of people without the need to touch anything. Hold-open devices are a great option for doors without closers and they can be used on various doors throughout a facility. However, it is important to remember that fire-rated doors should be kept closed to work properly and prevent the spread of fires.

Electrified Hold-Open Devices (medium-upper price range)

Our Electronic Security Systems team are experts at determining when electrified devices may be the best option for a door opening. Electrified hold-open devices are similar to the mechanical door holder, this option keeps doors open to allow a flow of people without the need to touch a door handle. The difference is that this product uses electricity to activate a magnet that holds the door open. Deactivating the magnet allows the door to close on its own. An electrified hold-open device can be installed as part of a security system, designed to deactivate remotely or using the signal from an alarm/smoke detector to prevent the spread of fire. The opportunity to integrate this product makes it a great option for almost any door, including fire doors.

Operators with Actuator (upper price range)

This fully automated option requires the least amount of physical contact. Low energy operators paired with electrified hardware and actuators open and close the door for you without the need to touch germy surfaces. This is a great option for high traffic areas or if you already have a door with an electrified actuator. You can swap the typical push-button for a touchless actuator for a completely touch-free experience. There are also different styles of switches and actuators to make this option extremely customizable for your building.

Whether you are building a new facility with safety in mind or converting an existing building to be more clean-conscious, we can help. With our variety of product options ranging from mechanical to fully automated, we have hands free door openers for every budget. We can even pre-install some of the hardware onto your doors before shipping! Contact our experts today to get started!