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Gate Operators for Exterior Security

You have probably thought a lot about how to secure the interior of your building, but what about the exterior, such as your parking lot? With Electronic Security Systems powered by LaForce, we can help you secure your property and parking lots/garages with the use of gate operators.

We partner with LiftMaster to supply gate operators. They manufacture, sell, and service an affordable line of parking gates that are designed for life-long durability. Because of their design and quality, they are ideal for controlling traffic direction and speed through a controlled entry or exit point, and for preventing unwanted traffic from entering restricted parking areas. Barrier, slide, and swing gates are all ideal solutions for controlling vehicle traffic. However, swing gates are better suited for low-traffic vehicle entrances and pedestrian gates.

Gate operators can be a great addition for:
• Airports
• Parking garages
• Schools
• Apartment complexes
• Industrial plants
• Manufacturing facilities
• Universities
• And many other facilities where exterior access control needs monitoring

Gate operators are a reliable option for access control in outdoor locations because they are durable and effective at controlling the flow of traffic. If you are considering installing gate operators on your property but are not sure where to start, give us a call. We would be happy to help in any way we can!

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A special thank you to our Security Team for their help on this topic.