Leadership Team

Jeff McGlachlin

Jeff McGlachlin

Jeff McGlachlin, Vice President – IT / Manufacturing

Jeff began his career with LaForce in 1986 as our first Programmer/Analyst. Shortly after he was named manager of our quickly expanding Information Technology department. Today, he serves as the corporate leader for our Manufacturing and Logistics Operations, directs our company-wide Continuous Improvement program, and continues to oversee our Information Technology team.

Throughout the years, Jeff has led the company’s efforts for both software and manufacturing advancements. He has managed several critical large-scale projects including the implementations of Enterprise Resource Planning systems in 1998 and 2016. He also holds a key role when implementing new processes for our manufacturing division through equipment, training, and partnerships.

Jeff joined LaForce’s Board of Directors in 2003 and became Vice President in 2007. His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Computer Science from Lakeland College.