Leadership Team

Chad Mehlberg

Chad Mehlberg

Chad Mehlberg, Vice President – Operations

Chad knew about Joe LaForce’s stellar reputation long before being part of the LaForce team. As a Green Bay native, he had met Joe LaForce through a summer job while working towards his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  Following graduation in 1996 Chad saw a job posting for LaForce, remembering Joe as a good person, he applied for an open position and was hired as a Project Manager.

After working as a Project Manager for 14 years, he moved into the position of Install Manager, before later accepting the role of Director of Engineering. Chad is an avid volunteer in the community and has been an integral member of the LaForce Volunteer Program since December 2015.

Today, Chad serves as the Vice President of Operations and oversees the Engineering, Specialties, Wood, CI, Contract Small Projects, Keying, Install, and Hardware Purchasing teams. Additionally, Chad collaborates with other LaForce leaders to drive productivity and is the main representative for developing vendor relations.

Chad and his wife Molly have two children, a son and a daughter. They love hosting their traditional Sunday dinner, alongside both sets of their parents. Chad finds that being outdoors is peaceful and recharging. He enjoys hunting, cutting firewood, golfing, and walking the dog.