Anagen 11 Salon, WI

Industrial Charm Added to Salon

Appelton, WI

Hollow Metal Frames | Wood Doors | Hardware

Anagen 11 Salon, WI


Anagen 11 Salon’s owners sought a unique, industrial “look” for their new space in Appleton, WI, so they chose to build the new salon out of recycled shipping containers. This is a unique architectural proposal for the Wisconsin market – and the first commercial building in the Fox Valley to utilize shipping containers in this way – but LaForce’s Clay Hoerauf was up to the challenge!

Clay worked with Tom Hoffman, Greenwood Project Management and Bruce Hietpas (Hietpas Welding Inc.) to measure and plan the openings after the shipping containers arrived. Once the design was solidified, LaForce supplied hollow metal frames, wood doors, and hardware for the project.

Check out the finished pictures of Anagen 11 Salon, below!