Cores in wood doors

Wood Doors: Core Options


LaForce is one of the nation’s top providers for commercial doors, which means we have a lot of choices and products designed to help meet your company’s needs.

Specifically, the industry offers six different wood door core options in which LaForce can supply. These cores are ‘the inside of a door’ and are made up of different materials, with each of them having an important purpose that helps differentiate them from one another.

Particleboard Core (PC)

The first core is a Particleboard Core (PC), which is made from high-density mat-formed particleboard. This is the most common type of core. It is also the most economical based on commercial applications. With this core, LaForce offers a lifetime warranty that includes rehanging and refinishing if it is necessary. In terms of fire safety, it can allow for a 20 minute fire rating; however, some versions of this core can allow for a 45+ minute ratings. This door also is available with No Added Urea Formaldehyde opportunities for Green/LEED buildings. It also allows for recycled content for Green Building applications.

Structural Composite Lumber Core

The next core is the Structural Composite Lumber Core. This is made from a composition of wood chips, resin, and preservatives that are glued together. This helps form a very heavy duty and stable core. It is well-suited for doors that require high usage and larger door light sizes. SCLC cores can be rated at 20 minutes, but has some applications that allow for a 45 minute rating as well.

Mineral Core

Mineral Core is the next option for customers to consider. This is a non-combustible core made up of a specific mineral composition that allows for fire rated applications. It is often required in order to reach certain fire codes, due to its high fire rating. This core allows for 45 – 90 minute ratings. Finally, there is also an optional reinforcement blocking available to help avoid the through bolting of surface hardware.

Hollow Core

The next core is the Hollow Core. This looks like a honeycomb core and is meant mainly for interior residential or light commercial use.

Lead Lined Door

Next, LaForce offers a Lead Lined Door. These doors have a typical 1/16” lead thickness; however, the lead thickness can be changed based off of various codes and specifications. The lead extends to the edges and is constructed with the lead either centered inside the door or placed under each face skin. This is required to meet lead line code applications for certain openings in health care, such as in hospitals and clinics.

Acoustical or Sound Transmission Class (STC) Doors

Finally, we provide Acoustical or Sound Transmission Class (STC) Doors. These are considered specialty doors with various STC ratings available as required by the application.  Their main usage is for reduced sound between rooms. There are also many ratings available with lights for visual purposes. However, some ratings have limited hardware and paired applications.

 With all of these options, what will your next door need? Contact one of our LaForce representatives with questions.

Special thanks to Bruce Massey, Wood Department Manager, for providing expertise for this blog!