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Top Products for Building Specialties

Thank you to Wade Cochart, Division 10 Specialties Manager, for providing expertise for this blog.

Division 10: Building Specialties are the products LaForce provides that reach beyond door openings. These are items such as restroom partitions, hand dryers, flag poles, fire extinguishers, and more. LaForce has a skilled team of Division 10 experts who deal with these products on a daily basis and keep up with the current trends so that they can help you determine what the best products for your facility are.

Top Division 10 Products

At LaForce, our specialties team has supplied products for new commercial buildings and renovations in a variety of different facilities such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, and more. The top products at LaForce this year have been:

  1. Toilet Partitions
  2. Toilet Room Accessories (i.e., hand dryers, grab bars, etc.)
  3. Lockers
  4. Fire Extinguishers/Cabinets
  5. Wall Protection (i.e., corner guards, handrail, crash rail, rigid vinyl sheet protection)

 Other popular products are display boards, curtain tracts, projection screens, and commercial mailboxes.

Industry Trends

Privacy has become a hot topic for every industry in recent years, and Division 10 is no stranger to these requests. More and more architects are specifying additional privacy options when it comes to restrooms and toilet partitions. This has resulted in an increase in popularity for taller partition doors, partition panels that are mounted closer to the floor while still meeting ADA compliance, and various hardware options that conceal the lock on partitions.

Also, “no touch” items have become a popular trend in the last decade when it comes to restrooms. It is common to walk into a restroom where everything is automated; toilets, sinks, soap dispensers, and hand dryers. Research has shown the 90 percent of people prefer a touch-free public restroom. The automated environment allows for a more sanitary restroom and less contamination.

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