Small Project Team at LaForce

Spotlight: Small Projects Team

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Speed and efficiency are what you can expect from the Small Projects team at LaForce, a small project is considered a job with 10 openings or less.

What makes a small project at LaForce unique is that each project will stay with a single person from start to finish. They will be the experts for your project and are responsible for the estimating, engineering, and management.

Employees new to the Small Projects team will typically have 12 – 18 months of training to learn all areas of the position. The longer training program ensures that each employee will have knowledge and understanding of all procedures and products. The training is broken into two different phases.

The first phase is strictly Estimating, with three weeks of in-depth training following with three months of working with the Estimating team to familiarize oneself with the projects and products at LaForce. After three months, the employee will begin the second phase – training on the Engineering side, this includes preparing submittals, creating drawings and processing orders. They will spend 12-15 months quoting and managing projects with everything being reviewed by a mentor until they are ready to work solo.

Your Account Manager and the Small Projects Representative on your project will communicate daily; to guarantee speed and efficiency they will assure the project will not be passed to any other employees.

In addition, you can also rely on your Account Manager to be an expert on the small project process, alongside your Small Project Representative. Many of LaForce’s Account Managers complete an average of 25% of their own small project work from start to finish. Regardless of whether it is your Account Manager or the Small Projects team working on the project, you can be assured that it will be given the highest level of attention to ensure a positive experience. 

Consistency, fast lead times, a single employee that is 100% focused on your project, and an extended training program is what creates the success of the Small Projects team. By proving our commitment to our customers and always getting the job done, LaForce is a perfect choice for your project – big or small.