touchless soap and hand sanitizer dispenser

Touch-Free Soap and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers!

Here at LaForce we have access to a unique hand soap and hand sanitizer dispenser. Designed with high traffic environments and hygiene in mind, these automatic dispensers can serve a dual purpose—to cost effectively dispense either hand soap (liquid or foam) or hand sanitizer (liquid or foam). An optional stand is available as well.

What Makes This Product Unique?

  • Use with Soap (Liquid or Foam) or Hand Sanitizer (Liquid or Foam) *
    Works with any brand of soap or hand sanitizer.
  • Battery Powered
    Powered by 6 AA-size batteries makes them untethered so they can be mounted to a wall or just about anywhere.
  • Hands-Free Operation
    Helps reduce the spread of germs.

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Product provided by ASI Group, Integrated Building Products

*Soap and hand sanitizer not included with dispenser.