Partitions: Out Most Popular Division 10 Product

One of LaForce’s top Division 10 products are partitions, commonly used in restrooms that contain more than one stall. Partitions are the dividers that create a barrier between stalls, providing the user privacy. Often referred to as bathroom or restroom partitions, they are not just used in bathrooms, for example, many fitness facilities will install this product to create multiple changing areas for their members to use.

There are different materials for partitions available depending on the intended use and the type of facility. They can come in stainless steel, solid plastic, powder coated steel, moisture guard plastic laminate, black core phenolic, and color-thru phenolic. Depending on the type of area they are being used in will determine what material should be selected, for example, if you are using them in a shower area, the phenolic or solid plastic material would be best due to the severe moisture.

In addition to different materials, there are a number of different types of partitions to choose from. Floor anchored/overhead braced partitions can be installed about anywhere and is the most common type. “Floor anchored” are installed to the floor. “Ceiling hung” are installed utilizing steel supports above the finished ceiling, allowing no installation onto the floor, while the floor to ceiling anchored partition is installed as the name says, onto the floor and ceiling.

In addition, there are three types of ultimate privacy partitions that allow for zero sightlines into the stall; the Alpaco classic, Alpaco elegance and ultimate privacy. Both Alpaco types are fairly new, while the ultimate privacy partition is becoming more common due to the additional privacy it provides. There are also urinal and privacy screens that can be installed creating dividers.

ASI accurate partitions, a LaForce trusted supplier, offers a variety of material, type, and color for your partitions. Then contact LaForce to get started on ordering for a new facility, upgrading a current facility, or having­ your Division 10 questions answered by our Building Specialty experts.