Continuous Improvement Chart

LaForce Recognized for Continuous Improvement


Launched at the beginning of 2018, LaForce’s Continuous Improvement (CI) program is dedicated to improving processes, eliminating unnecessary steps and creating a more efficient workflow for both our employees and customers.

LaForce was recently recognized by Optima Associates, an organization which teaches and applies innovative change tools and techniques to companies, for hosting the newly created Optima Associates Continuous Improvement Service Alliance group at our Green Bay office. During the meeting, LaForce’s CI team, Jeff McGlachlin, Bob Ellenbecker and Ryan Hallberg, discussed LaForce’s CI Journey in 2018. They shared information about how LaForce uses “Opportunity for Improvement” boards and the training process for employees to utilize and apply continuous improvement thinking for each department.

After the meeting, members of the CI Service Alliance group and guests toured the office building to see examples of how LaForce employees identify opportunities to solve issues and create a more efficient work process that can benefit the company. To date, LaForce has identified over 1000 opportunities for improvement and has implemented 570 solutions. This has increased satisfaction, eliminated waste and saved employees time.

2018 marked the first full year the CI team has been implemented at LaForce. The CI team has spent the year training employees on different strategies to eliminate waste in the workday, such as the “5 Why”, “Plan. Do. Check. Act.”, and more.

Looking ahead, LaForce is excited to continue implementing CI opportunities to improve our business. Our team is in the process of creating mission statements and metrics to measure productivity for each department. LaForce is proud to be actively involved with Optima Associates and excited to continue to improve our business for years to come.