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Is Your Restroom Automated?

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People Expect Restroom Automation… So make it Happen!

Walk into the restroom of a restaurant, school, or airport and you will invariably encounter touch-free technology. Even small businesses and office buildings feature bathroom automation such as soap dispensers, hand dryers, toilets, and faucets. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to hygiene concerns and expect everyday conveniences.

In fact, 90% of restroom visitors prefer a touch-free experience, and 30% more people will engage in hand washing if touch-free products are available. 

No one wants to touch that bathroom equipment unless they absolutely have to, which is why it’s imperative that building owners upgrade their restrooms into the 21st century with automated accessories. LaForce can provide many of these products that help reduce the spread of disease and keep facility costs low by controlling product usage. These products are built for durability and high-use environments.

Hand dryers are available in a multitude of different versions – from quieter, economical hand dryers to the newest high-speed, fast-drying models that dry a person’s hands in 13-14 seconds. These eliminate costs related to paper towel waste and restocking. They also create a cleaner, more hygienic restroom that is virtually maintenance free. LaForce offers hand dryers from every major manufacturer, and can suggest a product to best fit your needs.

Paper towel dispensers, which are still preferred in environments where periodic noise from hand dryers could be an issue, can also be automated. These units control paper towel output to eliminate excess waste. They also reduce the spread of disease by using a sensor-operated function instead of a level operator. LaForce offers models in stainless steel and plastic, and can supply versions that are hard-wired, battery operated, or AC power adapted.

Automated soap dispensers offer a modern touch to your restrooms, and are available in liquid and foam versions. They can be connected to either a battery pack or plugged into an outlet for easy set-up. This helps eliminate the spread of germs. LaForce can supply a model that allows the user to top-fill all their dispensers at once, saving time and mess.

Adding these automated accessories will give your building constituents the type of experience they have come to expect. For more information, please contact your LaForce representative.

Special thanks to Ron Osero in Specialties at LaForce for his extensive input into this important issue! He has over ten years of experience with these types of products.