How to fix a squeaky door

How To Fix A Squeaky Door

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Why Does a Door Squeak?

When metal parts rub together it causes friction which will cause a door to squeak. This can happen on any part of the door opening that contains metal, but the most likely culprits are the hinges or the arm of a door closer.  

What to Use to Fix a Squeaky Door:

You will need to use a lubricant to fix a squeaky door such as a silicone spray, grease, or oil.

  • A silicone spray will be easy to apply and cleaner than grease or oil.
  • Grease and oil will be messier to apply, but they will last longer.
  • Our technicians at LaForce recommend products like Tri-Flow® lubricants.

Do not use WD-40 to Fix a Squeaky Door:

WD-40 is considered a type of cleaner and spraying your hinges with WD-40 could ultimately attract dirt and make the problem even worse! Our technicians have seen many cases where a hinge needs to be replaced due to the build up of dirt caused by WD-40.

Steps to Fix a Squeaky Door:

  1. Identify the part(s) that are squeaking.
  2. Remove any dirt or grime that has built up.
  3. Check the overall structure of the door and frame. Is the door installed correctly? Is the frame straight? Are the hinges broken, loose, or ready for replacement?
  4. Have a towel or rag nearby to clean up any drips, especially if using grease or oil.

How to Fix Areas of a Door that are Squeaking:

  • Closer Arm: Put the lubricant on the area where the arm turns.
  • Hinge: Place the lubricant on all the areas of the hinge. Note: if you start to see gaps between the hinges or any damage, then a lubricant will be a short-term solution.
  • Continuous Hinges with a Removable Pin: Remove the pin that holds the hinges together and put the lubricant to the pin. Replace the pin.  

Squeaky Door Locks and Cylinders

Never use any liquid or lubricant on door locks or cylinders, this could cause irreversible damage! Your best bet is to use powdered graphite to fix a sticky/squeaky door cylinder.

Fixing a squeaky door can be an easy fix! But there are times when the damage is too extensive that the lubricants will be a short-term solution. If the squeak returns shortly after you apply the lubricant, or you can see noticeable damage to the door, frame, or hinge, then it is time to contact our technicians for additional tips or to order a replacement.