Bike Racks

How Can LaForce Help Secure Your Bike?

When it comes to riding your bike, you want a secure and stable location where you can lock it up when leaving it unattended in a public space. Bike racks, also known as a bicycle parking rack or bicycle stand, are devices used for just that, with both indoor and outdoor options.

Bike racks have evolved throughout the decades, and today’s devices are made of stainless steel, steel, recycled plastic or thermoplastic. The material is selected based off geographical location, preference from the facility owner, weather resistance, durability, and functionality. LaForce Division 10 Building Specialties can help supply bike racks for your facility to provide a secure area for bicycles while encouraging occupants or guests to live a healthy lifestyle by using two wheels as their way of transportation.

Some of the different styles of bike racks are: the opal bike rack, the Z rack, bike booster storage, vertical storage bike rack, genesis bike rack, and more. Explore the different options for your next bike rack. Then be sure to contact LaForce to get started on providing up-to-date and modern security for bicycles near you.