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Getting Started with LaForce Architectural Services

Whether you need help with specification writing, AIA-accredited Continuing Education classes, or consultation services, the LaForce Architectural Services team can help! For over 20 years, Architects across the United States have been relying on our expertise in Division 8 (Openings) and Division 28 (Electronic Safety and Security) to help them make sure their projects are up to code.

Below are questions to help you get started with LaForce’s Architectural Services team; you can also access these questions via this online form.

Starting a Project – Background Information

Before our experts can help your architectural team with your next project, there are a few things we need to get started:

  1. Floor plan and door schedule (at minimum).
    Other information that can help is the life safety/code plan, electrical drawings if there is access control, and any door elevations and details.
  2. Timeframe for work completion.
  3. Anticipated bid date.
  4. Is there a Construction Manager involved?

Project Start-Up Questions

After you’ve contacted our Architectural Services team and gathered all the background information, our team will walk you through the following questions to make sure your specification is as accurate as possible.

  1. What is the desired hardware finish?
  2. What is the aluminum storefront finish?
  3. Will there be any access control?
    If so, on which openings?
  4. Do any doors require automatic operators?
  5. Is the facility existing?
    If so:
    a. What are the existing building standards, and should we match those standards?
    b. Should we utilize an existing key system? If so, what is the manufacturer and keyway?
  6. If electrified hardware is required, is the preference for electric strikes or electrified locks?
    a. An electric strike requires power to the strike jamb.
    b. An electrified lock requires power to the hinge jamb and a means of transferring power into the door.
  7. Are there specific voltage requirements for electrified hardware?
  8. Who is responsible for the power supplies (security contractor, hardware supplier, or electrical contractor)?
  9. Are the doors being monitored?
  10. Who is responsible for door position switches and Request to Exit (REX) switches?

LaForce Architectural Services

Having our consultants write your specifications removes the burden of writing hardware specifications in-house. Our Architectural Services Consultants also have relationships with all major hardware manufacturers and possess in-depth knowledge of building codes and standards including IBC, NFPA, ADA, and local building codes. This allows us to provide accurate specifications that focus on the needs of the building owner, contractor, and architects at no cost unless otherwise discussed!

Learn more about this service on our Architectural Services Page. You can also view our list of AIA-Approved Continuing Education Courses here.

Interested in getting started with our team? Contact us today!