Hallway with doors

Doors: Life-Saving Devices During Fires

If there is a fire in your home or workplace, the first thing on your mind is to get yourself and those around you out of the building to safety. Did you know that closing an interior door as you evacuate can prevent or slow a fire from spreading inside the building? This small act could end up saving you, others, a building and/or its contents.

 During a fire, the action of closing a door, even a non-fire rated door, creates a barrier between the room you are in and the flames. This barrier can contain and slow the fire from moving past the door, and allow significantly less smoke into the room; as well as help keep both the temperature and carbon dioxide levels lower. Closing the door is essential in buildings with multiple areas and high occupancy such as corporate offices, apartments, schools, and hospitals. By closing the doors, you can potentially block the fire from large sections of the building, giving the other occupants more time to evacuate.

Back in October 2017, ABC’s Good Morning America met with the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute to show the importance and difference closing a door can make during a fire. This short video compares two rooms, one with a door closed and one with a door open during a controlled fire.

When it comes to your facility, LaForce offers both fire-rated commercial grade doors (designed to automatically close & resist fire for specific periods of time) and commercial grade non-fire rated doors. We also offer fire door inspections to ensure your fire doors meet life safety and fire codes. Our team of certified Fire Door Inspectors are available to evaluate your facility to ensure proper functionality and compliance. Learn more with this informational video or fill out this contact form.