Door Protection Plates

Four Types of Door Plates to Protect Your Door

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Protection plates are used to keep a door from being scratched, dented, or damaged while in use. There are four types of protection plates including door kick plates, mop plates, and more. Each type is utilized depending on the type of commercial door, style, and use.

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Door Mop Plate

A mop plate is installed on the pull side at the bottom of the door and can be up to 6” high. Consider using this protection plate to protect the door during cleaning activities, such as mopping or vacuuming.

Door Kick Plates

A kick plate is installed at the bottom of the door on the push side and ranges in height from 8” to 16”. This style of protection plate is the most common form of commercial door protection. Consider using this style of protection plate on doors that receive heavy foot traffic, especially doors that people will tend to use their foot to push or keep open, such as the doors for a public restroom.

Door Stretcher Plate

A stretcher plate, depending on its purpose, can be installed on either side of the door. The plate is normally mounted near the middle of the door, but the exact location varies depending on the purpose of the plate and the needs of the facility. The plate ranges in height from 8” to 16”. Consider using this style of protection plate in healthcare facilities to protect doors from stretcher/gurney traffic or where a hospital bed may impact the door.

Door Armor Plates

Armor plates are installed on the lower half of the push side of the door and typically range in height from 18” to 48”. Similar to Stretcher Plates, the height will depend on the need of the facility. These type of plates should be considered for doors that will have objects such as carts, rolling beds, or other equipment moving through the opening.