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Careers: Contract Small Project Specialists

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Meet Marc Heimerl. He started at LaForce over two years ago, and thrives in his role of “Small Project Specialist” in the Contract Sales division.

Small Project Specialists – or “SPS” – are crucial to LaForce’s continued success, as they serve a quickly growing portion of company business. The LaForce SPS team works closely with our outside sales representatives and customers to complete every step of the smaller projects our customers need, typically which require shorter lead times. Customers overwhelmingly appreciate the efficiency and quicker turnaround time in which their projects are completed, while also growing a relationship with another knowledgeable representative of LaForce to answer questions and assist with their project needs. Another way to describe this role is “Inside Sales,” since these individuals work in the office handling customer jobs from beginning to end.

Contract SPS team members like Marc need to be versatile, ambitious, detail-oriented, and committed to continued learning. His duties include:

  • Analyzing plans, specifications and project documents for small construction projects.
  • Developing cost estimates and effectively communicating with general contractors.
  • Scheduling and project managing each job, from start to finish.
  • Developing a deep product knowledge to ensure customers receive the proper product and troubleshoot issues in the field.
  • Understanding the needs of each customer to provide personalized support.
  • Working with subject matter experts around LaForce to solve customer needs and troubleshoot issues.

While LaForce can handle new construction projects with several thousand openings, we also welcome projects that only require a single door replacement, hardware change, or new restroom accessory or partition. Our SPS team defines “small projects” as those involving about 10 or fewer openings, as well as those that require a quick turnaround time. Specifically, the “Contract” sales team that Marc works within works with General Contractors. Our “Aftermarket” SPS team, in contrast, works with building owners and facility managers.

In addition, Marc and the rest of the SPS team benefit from ongoing training, mentorship, and a supportive team atmosphere. Our Small Project Specialists come from a variety of backgrounds with different skills and training, but share many of the same personal characteristics that lead them to excel as project managers, sales representatives, and subject matter experts.

When asked why Marc enjoys this role, he noted, “The SPS role allows me to feel energized by performing a wide variety of tasks and managing several projects simultaneously. No two days are the same. I get to see projects through from start to finish, and I interact with a variety of supportive people.”