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What Attracts Millennials to LaForce?

Millennials, individuals born in the early 1980’s to mid-1990’s, make up the largest generation in today’s workforce, passing Generation X and Baby Boomers. It is no secret that the current generation behind America’s workforce holds different traits and expectations in their career, which is changing the corporate culture. Putting LaForce to the test, we sat down with a handful of employees who fall into the millennial age range to hear their opinions how LaForce compares to their generations’ expectations.

Career Path & Opportunities

At LaForce, we want to help you develop and grow your career whether that falls into growing your skills, moving up in the company or continuing your education for additional degrees, certificates, licenses, etc. We like to promote from within our office. Don’t believe us? A majority of our management team worked their way up the leadership ladder, including Ken Metzler, who started as part of our estimating team and is now the Chairman of the Board.

To support employees who wish to further their education we offer a tuition reimbursement program. To be eligible for the tuition reimbursement program employees must be part of our team for one year and it must be courses or a degree plan that is related to the employee’s career goals at LaForce.  

“The reimbursement program allows me to get my degree and not stress as much… It encourages me and employees to grow and better ourselves,” said one employee who is currently furthering their education.

Benefits and Planning

Competitive benefits, 401(k) match, Health Savings Account, dental, vision and life insurance, short-term disability, and an on-site nurse and practitioner in the Green Bay headquarters are a few of the benefits offered through LaForce. In addition, employees accrue paid time-off (PTO) throughout the year and are encouraged to use the time to recharge. They also receive volunteer hours, to allow them to give back to their local community. Furthermore, employees are given tools to improve their financial wellness with options to meet on-site with our Nicolet Bank financial advisor.

“The 401(k) match system has allowed me to start saving in my 20’s, allowing me to feel more confident about retirement down the road. Having the financial advisor that I can meet with on-site has allowed me to learn more about my finances and get all my questions answered by someone who knows the answers,” commented one millennial.

Work/Life Balance

While some of the positions require a specific work schedule, most employees at LaForce can choose a work schedule that fits their personal life. You are able to decide your hours; some employees enjoy a 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. schedule while others choose to work from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We want our employees to enjoy their time here but also understand the value of having a life outside of work too.

“LaForce understands that I want to work to live, not live to work,” said a current employee.


The leadership team at LaForce works to enforce an open door policy where you can approach them at any time. They listen to what employees say and value their opinion. For example, in 2017 LaForce listened to what employees had to say by deciding to reevaluate benefits offered and take the first steps towards updating our facilities. The leadership team strives to make each employee feel welcome and valued.

“I feel like I can stop and talk to anyone at work, everyone is approachable, and there is a CEO who is here at our company, not just a photo on the wall,” commented one millennial when reflecting on LaForce’s management team.

Are you interested in learning more about being part of our team? Learn more about LaForce and our current openings by visiting our careers page today!