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Volunteering Today, Improving Tomorrow

Two of the core beliefs at LaForce is “Community responsibility so that others can have the same opportunities we have had” and “Protecting our legacy and reputation so that we never forget our roots and what we stand for.” Our legacy goes back to founder Joe LaForce, and his passion for giving back to the local community. With that in mind, five years ago we created the LaForce Volunteer Program for employees to get involved and give back to the local community.

The program, run by employees who serve on the Volunteer Committee, started in 2013 after management saw the joy employees had in spending time together at corporate events outside of normal work responsibility. For years, LaForce had been giving monetary donations to local charities. However, it was decided that it was time to donate more than funds, it was time to donate time to local charities. Officers at LaForce supported the idea of the program and began to offer paid time to employees to volunteer during work hours at Volunteer Committee sponsored events.

The Volunteer Program has strived to meet LaForce’s core values with their motto of “Volunteer Today. Improve Tomorrow”. The program brings events to employees, where they can quickly sign up and volunteer, instead of taking time to research options on their own. The committee is made up of driven employees who have a passion for volunteering and making a difference.

“I was amazed by the amount of need in the community.” “I volunteered once, and I was hooked on it.” “It has created an attachment to the community for me.” These are a few comments made by members of the Volunteer Committee who have had the pleasure of serving on it since 2013. Each noted how this program helped them to grow as individuals and allowed them to see that the people they are helping are just like them.

Chair of the Volunteer Committee, Chad Mehlberg, has had the joy of watching the program grow over the years and encourages employees to give back their time. An active volunteer himself, Chad takes advantage of the opportunities the volunteer program offers to set an example both within the company and his own family.

What will the next five years bring? Chad hopes to see a continued reach for volunteering in the community and fresh faces at LaForce getting involved. The committee looks forward to continuing to donate time to those in need and showing others the difference one small action can make in the lives of others.

Learn more about the Volunteer Program at LaForce by visiting our Community Involvement page.