Training Sets Up Employees for Success

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking.

Starting a new job in a hustling door and frame shop, full of veteran co-workers, can be downright intimidating.

That’s why Kyle Volk, Shop Coordinator and Trainer on LaForce’s Cincinnati team, implemented a special, hands-on training program over a year ago. Now, most new shop team members complete Kyle’s training.

To start the training process, LaForce sends the new employee to the Cincinnati office for a week. Kyle introduces him to LaForce processes and standards. Next, the trainee heads back to his home office for a week to implement what he has learned. This opportunity to apply the training right away empowers the new team member to make their own decisions, with the comfort of knowing that Kyle is only a phone call away. Finally, after this second week, Kyle travels to the worker’s office for a third and final week, to set him up for success with further applied training and mentorship.

“My training style is very hands-on when they are learning our process,” said Kyle, “But I like to give people some space to find their own rhythm once they’ve reached a certain comfort level.”

Feedback from trainees has been overwhelmingly positive. They have expressed appreciation for all the time and attention they receive during their orientation period. Team building activities throughout these first weeks also integrate the new worker into the LaForce culture and team.

Kyle uses his 11 years of shop experience to execute this program. He has a talent for reading people and making them feel part of a larger purpose.

“The success of the company is dependent upon the success of the individual employee and their ability to contribute to the team as a whole. <Tweet This> So it’s crucial to make sure we’re bringing in the best possible candidates for each position – and determining that in a reasonable amount of time. That’s only fair to both the company and the individual.”

Thanks to the excellent work by Kyle and the rest of the team, LaForce won the 2015 Manufacturing Award of Distinction through the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce. We are proud to share our practices of continuous improvement! Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for more news and updates.