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Top 5 Blogs of 2018

Have you been keeping up with the LaForce Blog? Catch up with our top five blogs covering industry, products, and LaForce.

ESS Acquisition

In February of this year, LaForce announced the acquisition of Electronic Security Systems, a security integration company located in Michigan. Check out this blog and learn about the next phase of growth, as we bring the strengths of our companies together.

Glossary: Doors, Frames, Hardware, and More

What is an “inactive leaf”? How would you define a “single rabbet frame”? Our glossary is the perfect place to look up the construction terms that you may not know the definitions for. The easy to use layout allows you to quickly find a letter of the alphabet for the term you are looking for within seconds. There is also a handy PDF version that you can print.

Double Egress vs. Double Acting

Is a double acting door where the doors are able to swing in both directions or is it where the double doors can only swing in opposite directions? Which one of these are double egress doors? Double egress and double acting doors are commonly confused, take a look at this quick read to learn the difference and end the confusion.

Classroom Barricades

Classroom barricade devices may initially appear to be a cost-effective option for keeping students and faculty safe during a school emergency. Did you know that these devices actually violate fire and life safety codes? Find out why and what LaForce can offer to keep your education facilities safe with our Classroom Barricades blog.

What’s the Difference? Hollow Metal Frames vs. Aluminum Frames

LaForce supplies both hollow metal and aluminum commercial frames, but how are the materials different from one another? Check out this blog to learn the difference, and which of these materials will be perfect for your next job.