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Thinking Outside the Door

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” – it’s a phrase often used when referring to sustainability and eliminating waste. But it can also peg the question “what can I reuse?” In honor of April being sustainability month, LaForce is sharing a few ideas with our readers on how to reuse something we all have, doors.

The idea of reusing (also known as repurposing) can be intimidating and stressful, or there is the stereotype that it can only be accomplished on a larger scale. Repurposing and updating historic buildings have been a popular topic when it comes to commercial design, as covered in our blog from 2017, Building Life into Old Buildings, or our case study about the Ferguson YMCA.

When it comes to repurposing on a smaller scale, it is more realistic than you may think. If you have an old door you no longer are using, or you find a neat door at your local thrift shop, there are numerous ways to do it yourself (DIY) and turn that door into something useful again. Here are just a few ideas from your door experts as LaForce!

Repurposing a Door into a Bookshelf

For example, that old bedroom door that is collecting dust in your basement could make the perfect bookshelf for the living room. It is easier than you think, a door is already the size of a normal bookshelf. All you need to do is anchor the door to the wall properly and install shelves on the front of the door. Add panels on the side, top, and bottom if you prefer, and you are ready to shelve all your favorite novels.

Turning a Door into a Bar

Are you looking to add a bar for beverages to your home? Repurposed doors are a creative, simple and cost-effective solution to make your own bar with an added unique feel. Use the door as the back support and properly anchor it to the wall. Then feel free to add shelves and legs, such as table legs, to create surfaces to set glasses, drinks and more. Add hooks for wine openers, bottle openers, and dish towels, and you’re ready to entertain a house full of friends.

 Reusing a Door for a Desk

When it comes to making a desk out of a door, you can use any type of door whether it be using a bedroom door or an antique style door. The field is wide open and depends on the style of the desk you want. The first step is to prep your door by sanding it down and smoothing any rough areas out. Then if you want to leave the door in its natural tones, you can rub the door down with “Wood Juice” – a stabilizer which brings out the natural grains without the lacquer and prevents cracking and warping. Wood Juice is sold at local hardware stores or online. Or you can choose to stain, paint or varnish the door, or leave the door in its natural tones. All that is left now is securing the legs onto the bottom, and voila you have a new desk. Using a door as a desk provides a large amount of room for work, just ask a LaForce employee, many of our team members have desks at work made out of doors! 

These are only three ideas on how repurposing a door can be used throughout your business and home. We invite you to explore and get your DIY on; the LaForce Pinterest page is a great place to start. In the meantime, be sure to explore our different LaForce project resources which showcases our ability to make a door fit into the aesthetic of pre-built building, such as the Wgetthta Building Renovation in Milwaukee. Caught up on all of our Featured Projects? Be sure to check about how LaForce keeps sustainability a priority in our business, including with Pre-Install services which allows LaForce to contribute to lean practices.