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Our Commitment to You

Doors, just like experiences and people, are all different; no project is the same as another. With differences come questions, issues, and hiccups that can arise regarding products. Enter your door solution experts at LaForce. Our team of Account Managers are resourceful, educated, problem solvers, and leaders in the market.

It is our promise to answer the phone, and respond to your problems, comments or concerns, as we have always done over our 60+ years in business at LaForce. We have created a reputation within the industry of being dependable and responsive; which are things our customers have grown to expect and we consistently deliver on. Our commitment to our customers is one of the main things that sets us apart in the industry. Also, just because a project is complete does not mean our relationship is complete. Our team is 100% dedicated to their customers and will continue to go above and beyond the standard to create a positive, ongoing relationship.

A perfect example of LaForce’s dedication to building relationships is one that has been decades in the making. Over the past 35 years Tom Gaible, LaForce Manager in Cincinnati, has built a solid relationship with Christ Hospital, a relationship which has grown into the staff trusting Tom’s expertise and coming to value his opinion on matters relating to their facilities. He has written roughly 780 specs and created the standard at Christ Hospital that is both enforced and appreciated. Tom meets with the hospital on a monthly basis to be informed about all the projects and happenings construction wise across all locations. Over the years he has worked on numerous jobs for Christ Hospital, but one that stands out is the Joint & Spine Center on the main campus. With the teamwork between Tom and Steve Rajek, LaForce Project Engineer, the project was completed with over one thousand hardware pre-installed doors, and only a few gray hairs! LaForce provided the doors, frames, hardware, security integration, cameras, and auto operators for the center.             

Our Account Managers are not afraid to leave the safety of the office; they are often visiting jobsites, networking in the industry and spending time with customers. For many members of the team, they balance creating a professional and personal relationship with our customers. We work with the goal that our customers will continue to work with the same individuals on a consistent basis. Even when the project is being estimated or engineered, the Account Representative will constantly check in and be available.

We are highly aware that a problem could arise at any time. Take for instance the time a customer was having problems with locking a door at closing time. He called his Account Manager Kelly O’Brien who drove to the business at 9 o’clock at night to help fix the lock so that the facility could be secured. Sometimes the work day starts before normal business hours; for example, there are instances where a member of our team is up at three in the morning to drive to a jobsite to meet with the General Contractor.

You can rest assured that whoever you work with at LaForce will be straightforward and honest with the price and the quality. On more than one occasion we have been called to help on a project that wasn’t supplied by LaForce. No matter the situation, we will help find solutions to fix the problem and turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Dependable and responsive with the commitment and promise that we will be there for you, is what sets LaForce ahead of the competition in the industry.