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Millennials: Work/Life Balance

Millennials, individuals born in the early 1980’s to mid-1990’s, make up the largest generation in today’s workforce, passing Generation X and Baby Boomers. It is no secret that the current generation behind America’s workforce holds different traits and expectations in their career, which is changing the corporate culture. Putting LaForce to the test, we sat down with a handful of employees who fall into the millennial age range to hear their opinions on how LaForce compares to their generations’ expectations.

Company Events

At LaForce, a healthy balance of work and fun during and after work hours is something we value. Our employees are invited to various events throughout the year, on us; such as Holiday bowling events, annual parties, summer picnics, team outings, and more. Also, every fall we hold our annual Community Campaign which is a week of fun events, games, and raffles. The campaign raises funds and awareness for a local charity selected by employees and is deemed to be a favorite thing about LaForce by many on our team.

“The wide variety of events shows LaForce’s appreciation for their employees, and it gives me the opportunity to get to know my coworkers,” commented a current employee who enjoys the different events employees are invited to throughout the year.

Volunteer Committee

The millennial generation, according to Forbes, has taken volunteering to new heights to add to their job satisfaction. The Volunteer committee at LaForce works to bring different opportunities for employees to give back to their local community. Employees are invited to volunteer at a wide variety of charity events such as answering phones with the St. Jude Radiothon, building with Habitat for Humanity, packing meals at Ruby’s Pantry, assisting in set up at Scare for a Cure, and many more. As a company, we encourage our employees to give back to the community by providing paid volunteer time to use throughout the year.  

“When I first found out about the Volunteer program I thought it is great that LaForce gives back to local communities and encourages employees to do the same,” said one millennial interviewed. “I think it is a big deal, corporate can forget people, but LaForce doesn’t. The company works to stay grounded, and that is important.”

Safe & Well Committee

The Safe & Well committee is established to encourage employees to live a safe and healthy lifestyle. The committee puts on numerous events every month for employees to participate in and earn Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and Safe (HWWS) points. Employees can receive a monetary reward of up to $200 at the end of the year based on their total points. The committee offers events such as onsite workout classes, walks/runs, summer volleyball, maintain - no gain challenges, and more fun events for employees to get up and get active. On top of the physical activities, we also hold on-site 401k information meetings, skin screenings, financial challenges, on-site blood drives, and more.

“The events tell me that the company cares about my wellness,” commented one millennial. While another said that “There are so many healthy activities and resources offered it makes it easy.”

LaForce offers a variety of different options for our employees, no matter their generation, to get involved with our corporate culture. We invite you to learn more about working at LaForce by visiting our careers page and viewing our current job openings.