Careers: Contract Sales

Laura Propson is always on the move. When she’s not at her desk answering emails and phone calls, or working with various departments to ensure her projects are progressing smoothly, she is the on-site “face of the company” for LaForce customers.

Laura is a Sales Representative for Green Bay contract projects. Her job duties include:

  • Building relationships with contractors;
  • Preparing job budgets;
  • Following up on completed bids with contractors;
  • Completing scope reviews;
  • Entering accepted proposals into LaForce systems;
  • Coordinating project management duties with Engineering;
  • Handling customer questions and clarifications throughout the life of the project.

Laura also spends about half of her time out of the office, stopping by site locations and attending project meetings to clarify details with the customer.

According to Laura, it is helpful for the LaForce sales staff to possess industry knowledge. She gained her expertise from working at LaForce in Estimating and Engineering for nearly six years, prior to shifting into Sales two and a half years ago. However, “It’s not about knowing everything, but knowing how to find answers and get back to the customer,” she said. In other words, sales reps can rely on the wealth of knowledge and support that the rest of the LaForce staff possesses.

Patrick Connelly  is the Director of Contract Sales. He said that successful Sales Representatives are confident, driven, energetic, and great communicators. Laura agreed, adding that since this team is responsible for building customer relationships, it’s important for them to be personable and understanding of all types of people.

LaForce is expecting another successful year in 2016, and will therefore be adding sales staff at many office locations and divisions, including Small Project Specialists (SPS). More information about all open positions can be found here.


LaForce is a hard-working, friendly company that emphasizes culture, advancement, leadership, and growth. These four areas are the top reasons why people continue to work for LaForce.


“We really care about our employees.”

LaForce accentuates work-life balance, as well as community involvement and a healthy lifestyle. LaForce has an active Volunteer Committee and Wellness Committee, made up of employees from multiple departments. Many initiatives are implemented throughout the year to help employees make healthy choices and give back to their communities. Beyond these resources, LaForce maintains a positive and supportive working climate for its day-to-day business.


“Your career here at LaForce is in your hands.” 

CEO Ken Metzler started 36 years ago in the estimating department, and President Brian Mannering  began working at LaForce 28 years ago in shipping and receiving. These are just two examples of the “advancement from within” precedent at LaForce. Most managers and leaders work their way up in the organization, and many other employees switch departments and duties during their tenure at the company.


“Our leaders are forward-thinking and engaged.” 

With an open door policy and a management team that makes an effort to get to know all employees, LaForce is a growing company with a small business feel. LaForce leaders are innovative and hard-working, and aren’t afraid to get involved with the day-to-day operations of the company. 


“If you’re looking for a stable and growing company to call home, this is it.”

Since 2000, LaForce had added seven new locations nationwide. This spurs growth and hiring not only at the new locations, but also in the support departments at the Green Bay headquarters. Growth at LaForce is also deliberate and responsible. New markets are carefully vetted and conservatively projected prior to investment.

These are just four of the reasons why LaForce’s workforce is so committed. For more information about current open positions, visit