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Careers: Architectural Consultants & Technicians

LaForce enjoys established relationships with architects around the country. We have a dedicated team of professionals – the Architectural Services team – that provides specification writing, AIA Training Continuing Education classes, and consultation services to these architects.

But what’s it like to work as a member of this highly specialized team? We spoke with Dave Mullen, an experienced consultant from the Cincinnati office, and Joe Prosser and John Linzmeyer, two hard-working technicians from the Green Bay office. Let’s hear what they had to say!

Dave Mullen: Architectural Consultant

Dave enjoys being on the “front line” of LaForce. He meets face-to-face with local architectural firms, teaching classes and answering technical questions. These relationships lead to smoother construction projects for both parties.

Consultants should have excellent people skills and solid technical knowledge. When he teaches the 1-hour AIA Training Continuing Education classes, Dave needs to be ready to answer specific questions. Outside of these classes, he communicates through phone and email to assist architects. This also requires great listening skills and a genuine desire to help people.

All this hard work is very rewarding for consultants like Dave. He loves meeting a variety of people from different backgrounds and experience levels. Dave also likes working with internal teams at LaForce, since his job involves a lot of teamwork and mutual dependence.

Joe Prosser and John Linzmeyer: Specification Technicians

Joe and John work mostly in-office to deliver timely, accurate specifications to architects. They blend building plans, the architect’s needs, and building codes into a comprehensive specification. This requires a detail-oriented nature and an enthusiasm for accuracy and customer service.

Just like Architectural Consultants, John and Joe enjoy developing close relationships with architects who depend on LaForce for expert knowledge. They take pride in helping architects design a product plan that ensures life safety and security for building owners and occupants.

New technicians need to develop a solid working knowledge of building codes and product functions. They must be able to multi-task, prioritize “hot” projects, and communicate complex concepts. Finally, technicians also consult with internal teams to answer questions and share knowledge on complex projects.

Join Us!

Our Architectural Services team members have dynamic jobs with constant opportunities for learning and growth. They provide a unique, in-demand service to architectural firms around the country. For more information about working for LaForce, visit our Careers page. To learn more about our Architectural Services, visit our website.


LaForce is a hard-working, friendly company that emphasizes culture, advancement, leadership, and growth. These four areas are the top reasons why people continue to work for LaForce.


“We really care about our employees.”

LaForce accentuates work-life balance, as well as community involvement and a healthy lifestyle. LaForce has a Volunteer Program and Employee Safety & Wellness Program, made up of employees from multiple work areas. Many initiatives are implemented throughout the year to help employees make healthy choices and give back to their communities. Beyond these resources, LaForce maintains a positive and supportive working climate for its day-to-day business.


Your career here at LaForce is in your hands.” 

President/CEO Brian Mannering began working at LaForce 29 years ago in shipping and receiving, and Chairman/former CEO Ken Metzler started 38 years ago in the estimating division. These are just two examples of the “advancement from within” precedent at LaForce. Most managers and leaders work their way up in the organization, and many other employees switch teams and duties during their tenure at the company.


“Our leaders are forward-thinking and engaged.” 

With an open door policy and a management team that makes an effort to get to know all employees, LaForce is a growing company with a small business feel. LaForce leaders are innovative and hard-working, and aren’t afraid to get involved with the day-to-day operations of the company.


“If you’re looking for a stable and growing company to call home, this is it.”

Since 2000, LaForce has added seven new locations nationwide. This spurs growth and hiring not only at the new locations, but also in the support teams at the Green Bay headquarters. Growth at LaForce is also deliberate and responsible. New markets are carefully vetted and conservatively projected prior to investment.

These are just four of the reasons why LaForce’s workforce is so committed. For more information about current open positions, visit