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5 Ways LaForce is Continuously Improving Customer Experience

Thank you to Ryan Hallberg, Continuous Improvement Business Analyst, for providing expertise for this blog.

Continuous improvement (CI) is the process of improving products, services, or operations and is the key to innovation and success. At LaForce, our CI team is constantly working to improve our quality of business for our customers and our employees.

Service Support

Our goal is to be responsive to our customers’ needs and provide fast, reliable solutions. We have extensive training programs for all of our employees to provide our customers with expert knowledge. On top of that, we are continuously training and educating our employees about new products and code requirements.

Product Reliability and Quality

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products that meet budgets, aesthetics and building and code requirements. Which is why whenever we experience a defective product, we have a process in place to react quickly, diagnose the issue, and take steps to prevent the same defect from occurring in the future.

Lead Time

We know that it is imperative that our customers receive their materials on time to avoid delaying a project. We continuously review our production processes in all areas of our business. Additionally, we maintain consistent contact with our vendors to achieve the best possible lead times. We work with them to expedite materials when needed to meet our customers’ demands.

Problem Solving

We know that no two projects are alike. We enjoy working with our customers to find creative solutions for their unique issues. Site visits by our team allows us to work directly with our customers to find a solution that works best for them. We take pride in our customer relationships and are continuously listening to them and their needs. Which is why in our 60+ years of business we have grown to offer services, such as security integration, pre-installation, fire door inspections, and architectural services.

Employee Engagement

We recognize that our employees’ well-being is essential to our customers’ experience. At LaForce, we offer a wide variety of opportunities for career growth, employee wellness, corporate events, and many other benefits - all in order to strengthen our team. Our goal is to provide our employees with an environment that encourages them to continuously improve their daily work.

Whether you are starting a new construction project, renovating an existing building, looking to secure your facility, or searching for a fulfilling career, you can count on LaForce.